Exterior Detail

Includes all services from HANDWASH plus:

  • Exterior paint, trim & glass given clay bath to remove any surface contaminants

  • All painted surfaces polished to a “better than new” shine

  • Ceramic Sealant applied for gloss enhancement & paint protection

  • If paint requires more than 1 stage of polishing, price will increase per stage

Interior Detail

Includes all services from HANDWASH plus:

  • All personal items inside will be placed in zip lock baggies

  • Floor mats, and carpet carefully shampooed

  • Dash, center console & door panels cleaned & conditioned with protectant

  • Seats cleaned & conditioned

  • Steering wheel, gear shift & visors cleaned accordingly

  • Trunk & cargo areas meticulously cleaned

Complete Detail

  • Exterior surfaces lathered with gentle cleansing shampoo

  • Vehicle carefully washed with “Virgin Lambs Wool” wash mitts

  • Tires, wheels and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned of any brake dust and then wiped clean

  • Vehicle washed free of any surface dirt, silt and ALL other contaminants

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Carefully rinsed with purified water

  • Vehicle hand-dried

  • Additional water trapped in seams, door jams and wheels are “force-air” dried

  • Tires conditioned, leaving a shiny “satin finish”

  • Interior floormats, carpeting – between, underneath and surface of all seats are vacuumed

  • Console, dash, components and door panels dusted and wiped clean

  • Cupholders and door pockets vacuumed and cleaned

  • Minor spills or spotting cleaned and corrected

  • Windows and mirrors polished

  • Trunk and cargo areas vacuumed

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