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Ceramic Coating Protection

Gtechniq Smart Surface Science combines the latest in fields such as nanochemistry and supramolecular chemistry, with rigorous real-world and laboratory testing. The premise for all Gtechniq products is to hit a sweet spot of performance, ease of application and price. Massive advances in silicon technology driven by a high global demand for faster and smaller processors have thrown up a wealth of new and innovative raw materials, offering a range of solutions that were never possible even five years ago. Gtechniq’s formulators have the experience, connections and motivation to bring to the market, class leading products, proven to improve every aspect of surface care.

Ceramic Glass Coating

Ceramic Glass Coatings are a man made molecule (nano-technology), in which they bond with most surfaces when installed properly. These surfaces range from different metals, glass, granite, painted surfaces, etc…

There are pure Ceramic (sometimes Quartz or Titanium) and Hybrid Coatings. Pure Ceramic Coatings actually “anchor” themselves into the top surfaces of the paint. Once anchored, it self-levels creating an extremely slick and high gloss surface. A Pure Ceramic Coating can perform for more than 8 to 9 years, preventing oxidation and damage to the paint. Hybrid Coatings are a combination of Ceramic and Polymers. Hybrid Coatings attach themselves like a wax, yet they outperform traditional waxes and paint sealants. Most Hybrid Coatings can last for as long as 12-18 months.

In order for these coatings to be applied, the painted surfaces must be prepped and corrected to at least 95% perfection. If not, any blemishes will be magnified. Once cured, these coatings will not allow (most) anything to penetrate its surface and damage the protected area beneath is. For automobiles, this would include the likes of: acid rain, bird bombs, bug splatters, calcium deposits, strong chemicals, graffiti and vandalism (ie; spray paint and eggs), brake dust, etc. They are extremely hydrophobic, which avoids water from bonding with surfaces and causing rust and/or corrosion.

VEHICLE EXO (18 Months)
New Car Prep & Coat
Crystal Serum (9 Years)
New Car Prep & Coat
Each Additional Stage
of Correction
Coupes and Convertibles: $1200.00 $1650.00 $150.00
Sedans: $1300.00 $1750.00 $175.00
Wagons & Crossovers: $1400.00 $1850.00 $225.00
Full Size SUV: $1625.00 $2100.00 $250.00
VEHICLE Full Interior
Leather, Alcantera, Plastics & Carpet
Matte Finish Paint
Wheels & Calipers
Coupes and Convertibles: $395.00 $1800.00 $450.00
Sedans: $495.00 $1900.00 $450.00
Wagons & Crossovers: $525.00 $2000.00 $450.00
Full Size SUV: $595.00 $2300.00 $450.00

The prices above include light to medium paint correction. Additional steps are $150 and up per each step.