Onsite Shine Job Opportunities

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Position: Auto Detailer

We are looking for an ambitious Auto Detailer who will help us clean, coat and pamper our customer’s most prized possession. Working closely with the Operations Manager, the Auto Detailer will embody our brand and provide the ultimate customer experience.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_toggle title=”Click to view duties and qualifications” icon_color=”#e02b20″ open_icon_color=”#e02b20″ _builder_version=”4.13.0″ title_font=”|on|||” title_font_size=”18px” global_colors_info=”{}”]


  • Perform variety of vehicle cleaning task such as (but not limited to) washing, clay bar, compounding, polishing, interior cleaning and window cleaning.
  • Cleans upholstery, floor mats and other surfaces, using cleaning agents, applicator and cleaning devices such as vacuums, steamers and carpet extractors.
  • Assist in applying ceramic coatings on vehicles.
  • Inspects quality of work performed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate with staff and customers in a friendly and professional manner.
  • Assist in cleaning and organization of shop.
  • Must follow all company safety policy and procedures.
  • Complete service checklist for each vehicle worked on.


  • Valid and current Driver’s License with insurance
  • Can pass background check
  • Drug and drama free
  • Must have transportation to and from work
  • Must be able to use detailing machinery in a safe and gentle manner on
  • high-end vehicles
  • Must have strong attention to detail, organization and time management skills

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To apply for the position, please fill out and submit the form below:

  • Please upload your resume.
    Max. file size: 128 MB.